The Academy of Public Administration hosted a meeting on Euro 2020 Volunteer Programme


The Operating Group which had been created relating to 3 group matches and the quarter final round of the UEFA Euro 2020 to take place at Baku Olympic Stadium, held a meeting on the event preparation with students and teachers of the The Academy of Public Administration, on October 16.

There was displayed a presentation on the history, interesting facts of the European Championship, the last year successes of the Volunteer Programme, as well as events planning for Euro 2020 in the meeting attended by more than 150 students.

AFFA members being responsible for organization and coordination works with UEFA, and the Euro 2020 Volunteer Programme Ambassador Taleh Yuzbeyov also took part in the event. The guests talked about importance of such events for students’ acquiring necessary experience in sport and non-sport fields, organization of youths’ leisure time efficiently, and improving their technical knowledge and skills on large-scale and country-wide events, as well shared their experiences and memories gained when they were volunteers once upon a time.

The Volunteer Programme will be open to not only students, but also anyone who wants to be a part of the continental sport. Within the program it is planned to be held trainings on organizational activities, educational-entertaining courses, special master-classes and so on for students.

The university campaign to be lasted till November 15 will cover 21 educational institutions in the capital. Note, registration for the Euro 2020 Baku Volunteer Programme will be concluded on November 29 at 23:59. Those who wishes to apply can register via the UEFA Official Portal.


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